Tour E

Nacpan and the Twin Beaches


Tired of island hopping and want to see what El Nido’s mainland has to offer? Hire a tricycle and head out to Nacpan Beach!

nacpan beach

Being nearly 20 kilometers north from El Nido beaches Nacpan and Calitang collide giving visitors a unique chance to experience pristine white sand twin beaches! Given the rough roads to get here and the long width of Nacpan Beach one can easily have a large portion all to themselves.

twin beach

For those wanting to make it a full day there are two restaurants at the entrance to the beach that serve Filipino food and cold beers and fruit shakes!

calitang beach

If you are looking to mix in some adventure you can easily do so by combining this beach trip with a hike to Nagkalit-Kalit Falls involving an hour long hike crossing 7 different rivers and streams.

This tour is most popular when island hopping tours are cancelled due to weather and sea conditions. Otherwise you will have a large stretch of beach all to yourselves!