Tour C

Shrines and Beaches

Bacuit Bay consists of 45 different islands and islets. Tour C explores some of the islands on the outskirts of the bay.

helicopter island 2

One of the most iconic islands in El Nido is Dimumacad and Helicopter Island- named after it’s resemblance to a helicopter when seen from a distance. The island has a 300-meter white sand beach ideal for swimming and snorkeling.


Continuing further out the bay is Tapiutan Island. This island is the home of Star Beach and provides visitors with opportunities to go scuba diving and snorkeling.

Matinloc Island is the longest in El Nido and has a secret beach. To get to the beach visitors must swim underwater through a hole. Aside from the secret beach there are two areas for snorkeling Kalmung Beach and Kulasa Beach.


At one of the stops on the island, you can visit Matinloc Shrine a sacred monument built over 30 years ago in honor of the blessed Virgin Mary.

Mantinloc View