Tour B

Caves and beaches

While El Nido is known for its beaches and lagoons its caves are often overlooked. On Tour B you get a chance to discover some of what’s inside these limestone rock formations, beat the crowds, and get a look at the true diversity of Bacuit Bay!

snake island

This tour takes you to Snake Island is made up of a long S-shaped sandbar which is best visited during low tide. At one end of the sandbar is a small island with a short hike to the top of the hill where you can take in panoramic views of El Nido. On the other end is the mainland and a shoreline of mangroves. On both sides of the island are some corals. Your boat captain may prepare your lunch here and if you do end up eating here be cautious of the monkeys that are present as they will come up for food.

From Snake Island you will make your way to Pangalusian Island which offers one of the widest stretches of beach in El Nido. There are areas for snorkeling and diving in front of the beach where coral reefs abound.

Las Cabanas Beach

Next stop Cudugnon Point and Cave. Here you can explore a small cave and crawl through it’s small opening being rewarded with spectacular rock formations. Inside you can climb up the limestone hill for a different view of the cave.

The beach outside of the cave is nice for sunbathing and there are some corals for snorkeling but be careful with the tide.

Entalula is another white sand beach that has everything for your quintessential beach trip- swimmable blue waters, drastic limestone cliffs, rock formations as shades and gentle waves.

Looping your way back towards the mainland you will have the opportunity to take pictures of Cathedral Cave. If you come during low tide you may have a chance to go in with your boat!

After a short stop at the Cathedral Cave you make your way past tons of other islands you wish you could stop at before finally making it to Pinagbuyutan Island. This island has one of the most majestic landscapes with one of the largest limestone karst cliffs in El Nido next to flat land filled with coconut trees! The water is shallow a few meters from the shoreline but then quickly drops into a sea filled with vibrant corals teeming with marine life! The emerald, green, blue and turquiose waters set on the powder white sand beaches makes this one of El Nido’s top destinations!