Tour A

Lagoons and beaches
El Nido is known for it’s beautiful powdery white sand beaches and limestone rock formations. The in between of all these are it’s lagoons. Tour A is El Nido’s most popular tour and subjectively it’s most picturesque.
The Secret Lagoon takes you to a small island surrounded by limestone karst cliffs. Inside a small hole (you’ll likely crawl through) you enter a massive caldera and end up in what was once a cave.
Shimizu Island is famous for the swiftlet nests that produces bird’s nest soup believed to have high nutritional value and healing powers! This island stop is where you will likely be having lunch so while your boatmen and guide prepare your meal feel free to jump into the water and explore the marine life and the coral reef!
As you continue your tour you will stop by the Small Lagoon inside a cove on Manioc Island. To get in you will have to swim or kayak through. Once inside you will be welcomed by turquoise-green waters and surrounded by high limestone cliffs.
entrance to big lagoon
Your next stop will be the Big Lagoon. Unlike the Small Lagoon you should be able to enter with your boat (unless of course you’ve come during low tide, in which case you will walk through the grand entrance). The welcoming water is crystal clear and full of corals and fish. Once inside you can swim inside the deep refreshing water!
 7 Commandoes
As your last stop you will spend the last hour or two of your tour on Seven Commando Beach. Here you can buy some fresh coconut juice or beer as you wait for sunset. For those needing more vitamin sea you can take a dip in the ocean or snorkel a few meters from the shoreline. Look out for turtles and they do roam around in the area.
7 Commandoes